I paint a dream


Dreaming of fall by a fence in a valley, so I painted it!


7 thoughts on “I paint a dream

  1. This painting I painted reminds me of a dream I once had sitting in a park like area as the trees turned autumn colors of deep yellow, brown, brick red and further beyond the trees I can see the bright sunlight hitting the opening in bright lime green hue. Wonder what is over the way? Hopefully a dream of becoming an up and coming artist I pray!

  2. If you are wondering what all the parapa is in the background is. Just paintings that I’m in process. Yes, I love deep colors. I find that I use deep colors not only in oil, but in watercolor too. I will post some watercolors later. I recently retired from state government service after 33 years, so I’m just getting started, setting up my agenda. See you on the circuit!

  3. I look forward to seeing some more of ure beautiful paintings,
    I tried water colors but couldn’t get on with them I found they would dry to quickly as with oils I can achieve wet on wet paint for blending easier ,thank u for the lovely comments & kind words u left on my post & paintings 🙂

  4. Always remember this about watercolors….you can always blend and blend to achieve what you want by letting the area dry a bit and then go back over the area color you are trying to achieve. I’ll post some of my watercolors later. Another thing about watercolors is you have to make sure once they dry, place them in a folder so the paper doesn’t curl. I had this happen to me and it had a lot to do with the humidity of my house too. That’s why I’ll post them a little later because I have to smooth them out first Haha! Oh and if you use watercolor, make sure you get canvas/paper exclusively for watercolor, (second mistake I made, smile).

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